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Who's beating the market?

We have worked with companies of all sizes, from small start-ups, to multi-billion dollar manufacturers interested in private labeling for Amazon. We have even recently started working with a company that was featured on our favorite show, Shark Tank!

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"MRKTpulse had taken over our company's Amazon account to help jump start some stagnant sales. They were able to optimize PPC for our listings and increase sales over 200% in a matter of a few short months. They even were able to secure our buybox back from a seller who hijacked our product listing." - Cameron Moore, Founder

BB-Bands, a Southern California Based sporting goods brand, was taking their competition by storm after offering custom stretching bands to baseball programs at all levels. We helped them get launched and optimized on Amazon, and now they are selling +$20k/month on Amazon, passing their revenue from their website and continuing to gain marketshare on Amazon.


Golf Gods

Golf Gods, an Australian-based golf brand, specializes in humorous golf-related gifts and sporting equipment. After dominating their niche across the globe, via their website, they wanted to expand. We helped them get launched on the Amazon North America marketplace, where they saw quick success after we assisted by creating and optimizing listings, and setting up highly-targeted Pay-per-click ad campaigns.




Venttabs manufacturers and sells replacement air conditioning clips for car dashboards. As they grew their website sales through Google advertising, they were interested in getting launched on Amazon. After we helped them create the proper content and optimized listings, they were quickly able to take over all of the competition. Their Amazon account quickly out sold their website, while maintaining a low ACoS on the platform. 


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Bond Men's Wash

Bond Men's Intimate Wash is a mens hygiene product in a newly-competitive niche. As the competition got higher, they saw their Amazon sales get stagnant. After reaching out to our team, we were able to help them consistently grow their revenue by 15-32% each month, in turn ranking them higher for their target keywords. We were able to achieve this by assisting them with listing optimization, PPC management, and helping them build their Social Media presence. 

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Pickle Preferred

Pickleball, the fasting growing sport in America, has quickly become a very competitive niche on Amazon. Pickle Preferred manufacturers some of the top recreational pickleballs, for players at all levels. We helped them get launched on Amazon, build reviews, and quickly rank for their target search of "Outdoor Pickleballs". They are seeing continuous growth on the Amazon marketplace with our assistance by utilizing Sponsored Product ads, as well as Brand Targeted ads.


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